We Focus

Success Video Short Film

NaMo Mantra Foundation has a creative team who are engaged in Producing short story video Films based on developmental works done in view of the plans & policies of Modi Government.

Promotion in the Concerned-Area

We organize publicity on various schemes of Modi government, work-shop, Public Awareness Campaign in your Area at a regular interval of time.


Book writing

Article Based on Individual Works, Achievements, Journey, Vision & Views on the schemes and policies of Modi government,  Prominent visionary leaders of Jan Sangha, Sangha & BJP, we write Book. In order to spread  invaluable views towards the party and top leaders at the national level, book is witten & published online on the website of ‘Parliament Reporter’.

Preparation of Digital Content

Based on Works and Achievements to the view of Modi Govt, we plan and formulate the concerned digital contents and share through various social media platforms.

Promotion in Fortnightly E-Newspaper ‘Kamal Patra’

In the Fortnightly E-Paper called ‘Kamal Patra’ (Publication will start soon), works and related Articles on Success Stories would be published at times.

Award & Recognition

We Invite Chief Guest in the event organized by ‘Namo Mantra Foundation', Keeping in mind the developments and achievements  to the view of plans and policies of ModiGovt, we honor &  appreciate individual's  work  during events.

Digital Promotion

All works, Activities & Achievements are posted through the website: ParliamentReporter.com of the ‘Parliament Reporter’ Group along with its supportive websites and online platforms.


The Organization has a dedicated Research Team who are engaged in writing Articles on different subjects related to several schemes & initiatives of Modi Govt for 'New India’. The Article is sent for Publication in various Newspapers, Websites & Blogging.